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Call ads are text ads that include a phone number and are designed to encourage calls rather than clicks. They appear exclusively on mobile phones. Call ads are subject to the standard Google Ads policies and the requirements below.

Business name requirements in call ads

The following is not allowed:

An inaccurate business name, or a business name that does not clearly represent the advertised business or disambiguate from similar businesses

Promotional language in the business name field

Examples: "Buy Acme Shoes" or "Sale at Acme Home Services"

Given the wide variety of business names, there are special considerations for the following:

Domain-based business names: You can use your domain name as your business name, using appropriate spacing between words. For example, could be identified as "Acme Solutions" in the ad.

Resellers and authorized dealers: If you are an authorized reseller or dealer for a product or service, use appropriate qualifying language. For example, a car dealer of Acme vehicles in San Antonio could use the business name "Acme of San Antonio."

Statement of business name in phone calls

The following applies to all call ads:

Not allowedWhen answering calls from users who’ve clicked on their call ad, advertisers must begin the call by stating their business name, as it appears in their call ads.

Learn how to fix a disapproved ad or asset.

Related policies and common disapprovals

The following Google Ads policies are especially relevant to call ads and are often associated with disapprovals. Learn about what happens if you violate our policies.

Unacceptable phone number

Phone numbers in ads and assets must be accurate, active, and relevant to the business being advertised. See the Unacceptable phone number policy for more information.

Unverified phone number

To promote a better user experience, phone numbers must be verified by Google before they can be used in ads and assets. See the Unverified phone number policy for more information.

Sexual content

To keep ads relevant and safe for users, Google restricts sexual content in certain circumstances. See the Sexual content policy for more information.

Unavailable offers

Products or services should be priced accurately, easily found at the ad's destination, and match with headers and descriptions. See the Unavailable offers policy for more information.


Google may remove ads or assets in response to trademark owner complaints. Advertisers are responsible for proper trademark use in their ad text, assets, and business information. See the Trademarks policy for more information.

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