Call-out extension requirements

Call-out extensions allow ads to include additional information about a business or its products and services. Call-out extensions are subject to the standard Google Ads policies and the requirements below.

Punctuation and symbols in call-out extensions

The following is not allowed:

Punctuation and symbols in callout text that serve no purpose other than to draw attention to the ad

Examples: Exclamation marks, punctuation at the beginning of the text, adding a ► symbol

Related policies and common disapprovals

The following Google Ads policies are especially relevant to call-out extensions and are often associated with disapprovals. Learn about what happens if you violate our policies.


To maintain a professional appearance in ads, we don’t allow excessive or gimmicky repetition of words or phrases. See the Editorial policy for more information. For call-out extensions, this means that the text can’t repeat within a call-out or from other call-outs, ad text or sitelink text within the same ad group, campaign or account. For example, a call-out extension would be disapproved if ad text and ad group, campaign or account-level call-outs include the text "Free delivery".


Google may remove ads or extensions in response to trademark owner complaints. Advertisers are responsible for proper trademark use in their ad text, assets and business information. See the Trademarks policy for more information.
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