AdSense for Domains trademark complaint

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About parked domain sites

Through the AdSense for Domains program, Google provides domain name registrars and other holders of large numbers of inactive domain names with an opportunity to display ads and links on the parked web pages. Learn more about parked domains. Example of a parked domain page
Example parked domain site

Trademark disputes

Please note that Google is not in any way involved with the selection or registration of these domain names, and is not in a position to arbitrate trademark disputes between the registrants, our partners, and trademark owners. Accordingly, we encourage trademark owners to resolve their disputes directly with the registrants or registrars.

However, as a courtesy to trademark owners, we are willing to perform a limited investigation of reasonable complaints. If you are a trademark owner and you object to an ad appearing on a website served by AdSense for Domains, please fill out the AFD Trademark complaint form. Complete the required fields and click "Submit."

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