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Google recognizes the importance of trademarks. The Google Ads Terms and Conditions prohibit intellectual property infringement. Advertisers are solely responsible for the keywords and ad content they use.

If a trademark owner submits a complaint to Google about the use of their trademark in ads, we will review it and may enforce certain restrictions on the use of the trademark.

To learn which ads can be affected and how, review the Trademarks policy.

Resellers and informational sites

Ads using trademarks in ad text that would otherwise be restricted may be eligible to run if they meet the Reseller and informational site policy requirements.

If your ad is restricted for use of a trademark and doesn’t meet the Reseller and informational site policy requirements, but you’d still like your ad to be eligible to run, you can remove the trademark from your ad text, modify your landing page to meet the policy requirements, or request authorization.

Additional information

Landing page content

The necessary information to determine policy compliance must be featured in text on your landing page. If your landing page provides that information only through non-text formats (such as Flash, videos, or images), or dynamically inserted content (such as Javascript windows embedded in pages), it may be disapproved. Include the relevant content in text on your ad's landing page or add text attributes to the page's rich media elements, and resubmit your ad for review.

Keyword insertion

If your ad and landing page comply with this policy and use keyword insertion, a keyword that includes the trademark can be inserted into ad text. If your ad and landing page don't comply with this policy, the keyword may trigger the ad but it won't be inserted into ad text.

Keyword URLs

If your ad uses keyword landing page URLs and includes the trademark in ad text or as a keyword that inserts into ad text, we'll evaluate each landing page for policy compliance. Whether an ad uses keyword landing page URLs, ad landing page URLs, or a combination of both, we’ll evaluate the landing page that the user sees in each circumstance.

Low search volume keywords

This policy doesn’t apply to ads that only have low search volume keywords. To address this, add at least one active keyword and resubmit the ads for review.

Ad formats

This policy only applies to text adsresponsive search ads , Dynamic Search Ad headlines and sitelink assets. If you’d like other ad formats to be eligible to run, you’ll need to remove the trademark, or request authorization.

Request authorization to use a trademark

Authorization isn't necessary in most scenarios. Ads may use trademarks in ad text if they meet the Reseller and informational site policy requirements. Please carefully review this policy before pursuing authorization.

If your ad doesn’t meet the policy requirements but you believe the trademark owner will authorize you to use their trademark, contact them directly and ask that they follow the authorization instructions. To find trademark owner contact information, you may research ownership on publicly available sources, or reach out to your existing business contacts.

If the trademark owner submits an authorization, we'll confirm with them directly after it is processed. At that point, any restricted or disapproved ads will need to be resubmitted for approval. Learn how to edit and resubmit your ads.

If you'd like to check on the status of your authorization request, you may contact the trademark owner.

Term not used in reference to a trademark

If your ad is restricted for use of a trademark but uses a term in a way that isn't in reference to a trademark, submit the Google Ads Trademark Consult Form

Ads restricted for trademarks in subdomains

If your ads are restricted for use of a trademark in the subdomain of your display URL, any ads using that same subdomain and second-level domain combination as their final URL will also be restricted. For those ads to be eligible to run, you will need to select a new final URL that does not include the trademark in the subdomain.  

Additional concerns

If you still have questions about the Trademarks policy, see the Google Ads Trademark Consult Form.
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