About advertising incentives

Google periodically offers incentives to accelerate the adoption of and investment in Google's advertising products, and to help partners build new capabilities to serve their customers. These incentives are offered to participating advertisers and advertising agencies where qualified.

The value of these incentives is based on forecasted or actual spend over the course of a predetermined term or estimated market value of services provided. Participants in the Display and Video Incentives Program, for instance, may receive incentives based on factors such as their display and video advertising spend and investments made to enhance their ability to use Google's advertising programs (for example, training staff).

Incentives to advertiser and agency participants may include:

  • cash payments
  • discounts on standard pricing
  • free media and impressions
  • access to special inventory, such as Google Preferred

In addition, advertisers and advertising agencies may receive campaign assistance, such as industry research and on-site consultation to support the growth of Google's advertising programs. In the case where incentives are provided for auction-based advertising, those incentives (such as an advertiser receiving a coupon for ad credits) may reduce the total cost of advertising incurred by the advertiser.

Google also offers its employees $1 per day credit accounts to fund campaigns for the purpose of familiarizing its employees with Google's advertising programs.

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