Update to Google Ads policies (August 2023)

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In November 2023, Google will update its policies to limit impressions in certain ad-serving scenarios that have a higher potential of causing abuse or a poor experience for our users. In these specific scenarios, only qualified advertisers will be able to run their ads without limitation.

Google may limit unqualified advertisers’ ads when the relationship between the advertiser and the brand mentioned in the ad is unclear, or when generic ads with no branding at all are present. While an advertiser may not intend to purposefully mislead a user or misrepresent themselves, these scenarios may confuse the user into thinking that they are interacting with their desired advertiser. While these ads may not violate Google Ads policies, they have a higher potential for abuse or causing a poor experience for our users. As a result, some advertisers will have limited ability to run branded and generic ads while they build trust with Google and our users to become a qualified advertiser.

Qualified advertisers’ ads will not be limited by this policy. To become qualified, advertisers will be evaluated on multiple criteria such as: account attributes, account maturity, history of policy compliance and identity verification status. Visit the Limited ad serving policy to learn more.

Note: This policy is separate from Google’s existing certifications which prohibit uncertified advertisers from serving specific ads. Learn more about ad serving eligibility

(Posted August 2023)

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