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Reservation Display Ads Billing Policy

Google provides translated versions of our Help Center, though they are not meant to change the content of our policies. The English version is the official language we use to enforce our policies. To view this article in a different language, use the language dropdown at the bottom of the page.

Display Reservation media refers to ads that you can purchase on certain Google sites (like YouTube) where you can "reserve" impressions in advance at a set cost. This policy applies to North America only and isn't applicable to any current initiatives regarding Ad Exchange or Active View reservation based buys.

Display Reservation media that's purchased on YouTube or Google Owned & Operated properties (like Google Finance) are billed based on Google's measurements of impressions.

Google supports 3rd party billing for Display Reservation campaigns from 3rd party ad servers certified on our properties. If your 3rd party ad server is certified to serve impressions or track media on Google properties, and you meet certain eligibility requirements, Google can bill based off a 3rd party's measurement of impressions, as long as those impressions are less than 10% of Google's measurement (per industry standard). If impression counts vary by 10% or more, Google's invoice will calculate charges based on our measurements.

Certified 3rd party ad servers that support 3rd party billing

3rd party ad servers are certified by property and are listed on our YouTube Ad Specs Guide. For a list of vendors that are certified for advertising on YouTube, please see our YouTube Vendors page. Please note, not all vendors are currently support for third-party billing. Please reach out to your Google Sales Representative for more details.

How to set up 3rd party billing

Your Google Sales team can assist you in confirming 3rd party billing is set up for your Display Reservation campaigns. Please contact your Google Sales Representative for more information.

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