Update to Abortion certification and disclosures policy (July 2022)

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Starting July 2022, and due to the FDA’s recent removal of the in-person dispensing requirement for abortion pills in Dec 2021, the Google Ads Abortion certification and disclosures policy will be updated for advertisers providing medication abortions or abortion pills. This update will clarify that advertisers providing medication abortions or abortion pills, but that do not dispense them to customers at their own facilities, may be certified as advertisers that provide abortions. The policy update will go into effect in July 2022, after which these advertisers will be able to apply for a 'Provides abortion' disclosure. 

Current policy:

Advertisers in the United States, United Kingdom or Ireland who want to run ads using queries related to getting an abortion first need to self-declare as an advertiser that either provides abortions from their own facilities or does not provide abortions. Once your submitted self-declaration has been verified, you'll be certified to run these ads and Google will automatically generate one of the following in-ad disclosures for your abortion product or service ads: 'Provides abortions' or 'Does not provide abortions'. The disclosures show on all Search ad formats.

Update to policy:

We’re updating eligibility for the 'Provides abortions' disclosure. Going forward, advertisers promoting medication abortions or abortion pills but who do not dispense them to customers at their own facilities, will also be qualified to receive the 'Provides abortion' disclosure. This includes, for example, providers that are authorised to dispense abortion pills by mail following a telemedicine consultation. To qualify for this disclosure, you will first have to be certified as an online pharmacy per our existing Healthcare and medicines policy. This updated option is eligible only to advertisers in the United States. 


For more information and to apply for an abortion certification and disclosure, review the policy and the abortion ads certification application form.  


(Posted July 2022)


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