Update to Healthcare and medicines policy (July 2022)

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In July 2022, the Google Ads “Speculative and experimental medical treatment, cell therapies, and gene therapies” policy in the Healthcare and medicines policy will be updated.  

This update will permit the promotion of FDA-licensed or approved cell or gene therapies in the United States by entities that hold the relevant FDA-issued license or approval to market that product. Entities that do not have an FDA-issued license or approval will still be unable to promote cell therapies and gene therapies on Google Ads.

Additionally, we are clarifying our policy language to allow ads for cell or gene therapies, globally, that are exclusively educational or informational in nature, regardless of regulatory approval status.

We will begin rolling out the policy update on July 11, 2022, with full enforcement ramping up over approximately 4 weeks.

(Posted on May 9, 2022)

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