Update to Healthcare Policy (June 2021)

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On 2 June 2021, Google will update the Healthcare and medicines policy to require certification for health insurance advertising in the United States. Government advertisers are exempt from the certification process. 

In the United States, advertisers will need to be certified by G2 as a provider of health insurance before they can advertise on Google. This update will require health insurance advertisers to: (1) identify themselves to G2 as a health insurance provider; (2) certify to G2 that they are permitted under state and/or local laws to lawfully promote and sell health insurance; and (3) identify whether or not they are registered with the U.S. government to promote and sell Affordable Care Act-compliant health plans. 


G2 charges a fee for processing and monitoring applicants. To learn more about G2 Certification and submit an application, visit the G2 website. Advertisers can apply for online certification with G2 starting 3 May 2021. 

U.S. advertisers that are certified by G2 must then be certified by Google before they can begin advertising. Advertisers with G2 Certification can request certification with Google starting on 3 May 2021, when the form is published.

Violations of this policy will be considered to be non-egregious and will therefore not lead to immediate account suspension without prior warning. Repeated violations could lead to account suspension.

[Posted April 2021]

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