Update to Misrepresentation Policy (May 2021)

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In May 2021, the Google ads misrepresentation policy will be updated to implement restrictions on claims related to financial products or money-making schemes. We will begin enforcing the policy update on 1 May 2021, with full enforcement ramping up over approximately four weeks.

The updated policy will prohibit making unrealistic promises of large financial return with minimal risk, effort or investment. Examples of prohibited claims include guaranteeing returns, or promising returns that are unrealistic or exaggerated for the advertised investment product, presenting investment products as risk-free or downplaying the risk of investment opportunities.

Violations of this policy will not lead to immediate account suspension without prior warning. A warning will be issued at least seven days prior to any suspension of your account.

Please review this policy update to determine whether or not any of your ads fall in scope of the policy, and if so, remove those ads before 1 May 2021.

(Posted February 2021)

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