Update to Made for Kids content on YouTube and Ads (March 2021)

From 16 March 2021, Google will update the ads policy for ads served on Made for Kids content on YouTube.

Serving the following types of ads on content Made for Kids will be restricted:

  • Incitement to purchase: Promotions or content that incites children to purchase a product or service or to urge parents or others to buy the item.
  • Misleading and deceptive claims
    • Paid ads cannot be misleading to children or make any deceptive or unsubstantiated claims. All claims and assertions need to be substantiated within the video itself.
    • Paid ads cannot imply that the product will improve your social status.
    • Paid ads cannot include features or calls to action that do not work or where the desired action can’t be completed.

(Posted January 2020)

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