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today 23-05-2019. payment still not received hai, any body received adsense payment April?.i am waiting . today 23 still not credited to bank acc…
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cannot collect payment Western Union I was unable to collect my payment due to difference in name of ID card and recept. I wonder if any … adsense disabled due to any reasone but I can not find that reason. How can I find the exact reason? I have tried google adsense many times but adsense always disables my account due to any reason. Can…
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payment is not refund after the 90 days hi its been 91 days since adsense sent me the payment on 212/2019 and i couldn't collect it. the thi…
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Payment Not Correctly Processing on Adsense Hello, I've been using YouTube and adsense for awhile not and never had a problem. However, the past…
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I am having trouble seeing AdSense code on my Wordpress site since it's built on Genesis. Any help? I uploaded a theme for my Wordpress that was built on a Genesis framework and I have tried every wid…
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My account is disabled for "policy reasons". No email from Google, no idea why. No access to adsense I'm considering using adsense in a project I'm working on. I haven't used the service for years, alt…
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Website not being approved. Hello. I have been trying to get a small ad on the bottom of my portfolio page (https://htbrown.com)…
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We Are Not recive Pin How Can I veryfi My Adsense Account ? we Are not recive pin for veryfi my adsense account ? limit only 3 time but we dont want to resend p… why you don't aprove my website http://iduilawyers.com/ please explain in details Why you don't aprove my website http://iduilawyers.com/ please explain in details. Where problem?
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How the metode to paste html between head and head... In beranda there is no head and head... How? Yes i have
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I was living in the UK and now I live in Colombia. How can I change the country and payment options? I want to know how can I change the payment method, as I was living in the United Kingdom and now I …
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Ads only showing on mobile but not on desktop My site https://www.gojuander.com/ just got approved and started showing ads both on mobile and desk…
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Why are there ads all of a sudden showing up where I didn't put them? All of a sudden I have ads showing up where I didn't put them. In my sidebar, in the middle of forum…
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why adsense not giving approval of my site? dear Adsense team, I want to know why my site is not getting Adsense approval? My website is : https… Unit iklan saya tidak dapat menampilkan iklan karena verifikasi identitas gagal d verifikasi Mengulang verifikasi
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why my payment is not received till now? i have been disabled by ad-sense on 11 may 2019 and on that time i have 117$ in my account and my th… I have written wrong bank account number in the payments form of adsense. I changed my bank account. So I made a mistake in filling bank account number. So the Ac number was … The PIN number for address verification mail is certified (signature required) or regular mail? It is been a while since I m waiting for my PIN to verify my address (15 days) and I don t know if t… Payment Hold Plz Hellp me>>>>>>>>>>> Plz Hellp me>>>>>>>>>>> Your ad units aren't displaying ads because you've f…
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