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Ads suddenly went blank after years of high earnings with Adsense 0 Recommended Answers 133 Replies 237 Upvotes
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Last edited 4/13/19
We've tried reaching out to support with zero solution to the problem. They are STILL blank. We have even tried creating a new separate page on our site so that someone could better address the problem, here it is in case anyone has any insight: https://earthsky.org/adsensetest.html
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1. I'm seeing AdSense on your site.
2. The test page is meaningless as ads shouldn't appear on a blank page.
3. You are breaching AdSense policies by putting ads on a blank page.
Last edited 4/29/19
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I see tribalfusion ads on the site but not Adsense & the Adsense ad space at the bottom of the page just above the footer is blank w/ the Adsense ad code generating numerous 403 errors. That's the only Adsense ad unit ad code on the page in addition to the page level ad code.
Last edited 7/26/19
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Yes, after over a month of troubleshooting with support we had to move on and try to save our business by implementing a lesser partner (Tribal). So we’ve left the footer ad as a test area. We’re seeing the same error. Any ideas in how we can solve whatever is happening?!
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Ads generating 403 errors are usually a sign the site isn't approved to show ads or the site is disabled. However if it was showing ads until recently approval shouldn't be an issue & if Adsense support was troubleshooting it for you then it's not likely to be disabled since they should know if it was.

However there are also a lot of runtime errors as in 34 that I don't recall seeing before on other sites when ads aren't showing so maybe it's a code conflict with something else on the site?

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FYI: You really should dump your test page. Making ad request to blank pages isn't good for your account & could get the site/account actually disabled.
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Looks like the test page was deleted. However, would it be a code conflict if the same 403 was showing up on that blank page? Odd.
Last edited 5/8/19
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Tests page has been dumped thanks for the tips, we’ll see if there are any other useful tips and hope to find a fix ASAP.
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<!-- Page generated by LiteSpeed Cache 2.9.5 on 2019-03-20 19:30:38 -->
You might want to read this:
So, you enabled optimization features in LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress, and your site display turned wonky. It’s a common problem, but it’s probably not, strictly speaking, an issue with the LSCache plugin. Instead, it’s more likely to be an issue with a single CSS or JavaScript file that doesn’t want to play nicely with Minification or Combination.
Can't find anything current & this is dated by a couple of years 
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Thanks for this! We will be immediatly looking carefully at the links and using your ideas and thoughts to continue to find the solution.

What we tried to do was use optimization tips working the Google Adsense dashboard, specifically the one that controls to show only a certain percentage of ads, but still generate the same revenues. Looking back I so very wish we had never messed with ANYTHING, it’s costing us big time now.

I wonder what exactly happens when you start doing the excitements within the Adsense dashboard using optimization tips the suggest? If we knew more about the specifics that happen maybe we could find a solution. Adsense support keeps trying to find problems with our code but continues to not find any, which makes sense given we didn’t make any changes when the problem first occurred.
Last edited 5/28/19
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2 days
I wish one person comes out and said he or she had issue with ID verification and Ads gone blank but now AdSense has fixed it. The same problem, no solution. Sad!
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