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Can I use adf.ly links to my webpage with adsense adds on it?

I'm wondering if I can use adf.ly links to my webpage. Adf.ly is a URL shortening service which also puts and ad which you need to view 5 seconds in between pages and I'm just wondering if this is against Google adsense policy in any way shape or form. But what I am more concerned about is that it will look suspicious to Google if a lot of my hits come adf.ly links.

Can anyone offer some help or guidance?
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Mike H
Mike H
The short answer : Don't do this.

The long answer :

* read the adsense program policies, especially the sections on 'traffic sources' and 'site behaviour'. You will see that Google frowns on sites that "interfere with normal site navigation", that is, sites that hinder users from doing exactly what they want.

Your suggestion would produce a site that slows me down when I want to leave your site to go to another. If you do this, you will probably find
* Google Adsense will eventually stop serving ads on that domain, or disable your account altogether
* Users will become irritated with your site, making them less likely to bookmark it, search for it, blog about it.
* First-time users who have seen those ads before will see them on your site, and have an immediate negative impression of it. They will be hesitant to click any link, lowering your CTR for adsense, and lowering the 'stickiness' of your site.

Can you use that ads program (like Adfly) for traffic to page which without adsense code page ?
If somebody else used Adf.ly to link to our sites, how can we stop this?
And what about the top banner kind of AdFly ad? It doesn't interfere with navigation.
If somebody else used Adf.ly to link to our sites, how can we stop this?

What i usually do is to ad a javascript  to  prevent my site from being loaded in frames or iframes.

This is the way i use to avoid people from putting my sites in auto-linkexchanes or using services like adfly to link to my sites.

heres is the code:

<script type='text/javascript'>if (top != self) top.location.href = self.location.href;</script>

I supose that still are ways to load my sites into frames, but this make that more difficult.

*I do not know if the code will be rendered well, It is my first post on this forums.
I want to use

Adf.ly script with adsense

Please Explain?
Mike H
Mike H
@raju : read my answer above
yes, I am Disabled script on blog due to insufficient pageviews.

before script my blog daily visits above2,000

after script  stats 1,363.

according to their policy they have to pay $4/1000 visitors but

in my account i have  4 visitors that day, actually my page visitors above 1,000.

my blog: rajuginne.blogspot.com
Please see : http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/AdSense/thread?fid=0282baa69a009abc0004aed5259153fe&hl=en&unsub=1

I do not understand then how this site survives months ??? As far as I know this site works with adsense and adf for 3-4 months... can anyone explain this ?
Mike H
Mike H
@saxa6, I've expressed my opinion, but I don't have time to follow up or explain away sites that don't follow my advice.

Note that the Adsense Programme Policies state what you must and must not do. Nowhere does Google say that their rules are defined by what they have or have not yet enforced at any particular time on somebody else's website. You pay attention to the Adsense Programme Policies, and ignore people who try to ignore them.
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