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Help fixing the errors that brought about account disable

My account was recently disabled for the following reason:
"After reviewing our records, we've determined that your AdSense account
poses a risk of generating invalid activity. "
I'm at a loss, because I'm not sure what the activity is or how to fix it. I really want to be able to fix it, and send in an another appeal to Google (first one didn't cut it I guess). I've never clicked on my own adds, my site is relatively new, and I don't have any weird third party things going on.
The URL: http://www.allthingspvp.com/
It's just a gaming site my friends and I do as a hobby, it costs us $50 a month to our host and our Google account hadn't even made that much in the short time it was open. So I'm not sure why we are at risk?
Any help would be incredible. I really don't want to be banned for life for something that I can't control :(
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Achh.  Because unfortunately I will have to give you this bad news.  You "really" are "banned for life for something (you) can't control."

The disabling message you received occurs when the Googlebot senses something is not right with your traffic.  It often occurs when your viewership/audience is tight-knit among friends either through social networks or geographically (sounds like this is the case in your situation).  In these situations, the relationship between the viewers and the site owners is much closer than it is with the advertisers, who pay the bills.  This results in a tendency for viewers to click on ads to "help" or in some cases to "hurt" the site owner.  

Trouble is, it is a machine not a human that determines this sort of thing especially for small accounts, and once the machine decides, humans don't intervene.  You have your one appeal, and if that fails (it virtually always does) that's it.  Story over.  And, yes, a lifetime suspension.

As indicated elsewhere, I'm the rarest of exceptions, but my exception may help explain the situation and give you some longer-range hope.  In my case, I received the dreaded email as the indirect response of a click bombing attack BECAUSE of my voluntary work on the forums.  Fortunately, Google isn't that 'evil' and someone trying to help out around here can sometimes get an extra eye or two to help out -- especially since I truly worked to prevent harm to advertisers.

I'm a volunteer here because I survived an earlier, policy-based, disabling.  In this case, I discovered the one way someone with a disabled account can return within the rules, the distinction between personal and business accounts.  But the "business account" rules are such that you wouldn't even want to try this until you have a real business that can be profitable online without even a cent of AdSense revenue.  You will need to go back to the "good old days" (less than 10 years ago) when, if you wanted to earn some advertising revenue, you would have to know something about business and the ability to sell advertising yourself.  I don't think you are at that stage now, but some time in the future, if you want to get into serious business, you can.

In the meantime, enjoy your hobby and gaming.  Your AdSense is toast, though.
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That sounds about right. Although I discouraged my friends from clicking on the adds because I was afraid of just that. The majority of my traffic is regional, we started spreading the site first through word of mouth and just recently social media.
That makes me really sad lol.
I can't afford to sustain the thing. $50 isn't much, but the time and the money is to me. I don't think I can compete with all the gaming sites that get adsense.
I wish there was a way to reach a human at Google :(
Thanks for your response though.
Well, if you have passion for what you're doing, you can look at selling your own advertising or seek out affiliate arrangements (where you are paid for results, not clicks).  You can't use Google's affiliate GAN service, but Commission Junction and other services are available, and probably better, you may know the businesses who would like to reach your community and network, and maybe you can sell them some advertising.  For example, a local gaming retailer might easily pay you $50 a month for some advertising space -- a whole lot more than the business would pay Google for click-based advertising.

Of couse if business (and selling) isn't your thing, you'll just carry on -- the world hasn't come to an end and Google's computers will continue to do their thing, as well.
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