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http://www.my-internet-payday.com/ HELP PLEASE!!! (Scam adsense site)

So I posted this earlier but I am gonna do it again, since I am really in need of serious help!
So I registered to http://www.my-internet-payday.com/ in hopes of money, and they didnt mention even once that I have to pay something else than 1dollar but after registering I found out that I must pay 79dollars every month and that they can share my credit card info aswell. So I tried to cancel my account but both the numbers there are out of order or I just cant call them from finland since I cant do marks like ( -- ) in my phone here.

So how can I solve this problem and is this legal? They force me to stay as member and they have no email address there. Is it possible to call my bank and stop all payments to that corporation? Please help me I beg you!!!
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John Henry
John Henry
Of course it's not legal, and for crying out loud don't waste your time calling the people you think are scamming you to save you from the scam.  Call your credit card company's fraud department, and anyplace else that may have been compromised by this. Did you share your social security number, driver's licence, bank account number?  Any information you shared is compromised.

But calling the company back to try to fix this is the same as asking the guy who just carjacked you to drive you home...and giving him the code to the alarm on your door while you're at it.
Sometimes victims of scams like this end up having to cancel their card entirely, adding insult to injury. I hope you don't have to go that far, but as John Henry noted, you should start working with your credit card company, bank, or any other business involved to stop payment immediately. Best wishes on your successful removal from this bad situation!
Also, please keep in mind that if you have a website or blog that you develop on your own, you can apply for AdSense yourself. These "companies" are middlemen at best, outright crooks at worst, and you don't need them.
I just got the same problem as you have, but i have just solved it.

i will teach you how did i solve it.

first contact this number


it's not the number thats posted on their website.

to make free calls, just download VOIPRaider (just google it)

and you can make free calls.

Hope it helps.
Dr. Cropes,

If that number is a phone number for http://www.my-internet-payday.com/ then you didn't solve anything. They will keep taking money from your credit card. They lied to you when you signed up and now they lied to you again when they said it was all a big misunderstanding and of course they will not take any more money from you.

Both of you -> Call your credit card company and explain what happened. You will probably have to cancel your card. Don't waste time trying to talk to the scammers.
Whether you knew it or not, you probably signed up for an ongoing billing to your card. Others have posted how they were caught in a cycle of payments with these type of fishy operations. So as we have all suggested, stop the "bleeding" before it starts, and start at the source of the bleeing - your credit card that you used to sign up (unknowingly or not). The company that "got" you is not going to let you go easily. They "miss deadlines" or "make an error (sorry!)" that lets the next cycle get billed. The only place you can break the cycle is at your credit card company. Good luck!
Google user
Google user
Scum bags who run these scams should be hung and forced to work for Obama.

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