Ad code implementation

Common issues with ad code implementation

Once you’ve placed your ad code, we recommend that you check your ads to make sure that they're working correctly. A good way to verify that you've correctly implemented your AdSense ad code is to check the ad code in your browser's source code view:

  1. Open the page that contains the ad code in your browser, and then view your page's source code (e.g., in Chrome, click View, Developer, and then View Source).
  2. Compare the ad code in your page's source code with the ad code from your AdSense account.

    Your ad code should appear exactly as it does in your AdSense account.

Common issues with ad code

Ads might not appear on your site if you find any of the following issues with your ad code:

  • Your ad code does not appear in its entirety, for example, there's a missing <script> or <ins> tag.
  • Your ad code displays all on one line.
  • Your ad code has extra HTML tags within it.

If you notice any of these issues, you should replace the broken ad code with fresh ad code copied from the Ads page in your AdSense account. Learn how to get and copy the ad code.

If you're looking for help with implementing responsive ad units, see our technical considerations for responsive ad units.

Getting more help

If you need further assistance with implementing ad code into the design of your pages, we suggest trying the following Google search terms:

If you're currently using WYSIWYG software or any other HTML editing software, we suggest referencing your software manual or contacting the product's technical support team for assistance.

You might also be able to find HTML assistance in the AdSense Help Forum. Many AdSense publishers share their knowledge and experiences in this forum, feel free to post your own questions and search or browse for answers about ad code implementation.

WordPress user? Get help with adding AdSense code.

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