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AdSense for Search (AFS)

AdSense for Search (AFS) is a Google product that lets you enhance your site with Google Search and Shopping ads and earn additional revenue. AdSense for Search is part of the AdSense family of products. You can use AdSense for Search in addition to AdSense for Content and monetize both your search results pages and your site's content.

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Why use AdSense for Search

  • Targeted, relevant ads: Search ads use the search query to deliver highly targeted, relevant ads. The result is satisfied users and more revenue.
  • Incremental revenue: AdSense for Search complements the display ads on your site, offering you an incremental revenue opportunity.
  • Access to the Google Search Network: AdSense for Search gives you access to the Google Search Network, allowing you to capture advertisers’ budgets in the search experience across your sites.

AdSense for Search features

AdSense for search offers the following features to monetize the search results pages of your site and increase traffic to your search results pages.

Monetization features

  • Search ads: let you monetize the search results pages of your site. Learn more about Search ads.
  • Shopping ads: let you show Shopping ads in your search results. Learn more about Shopping ads.

Traffic-related features

  • Related search for search pages: lets you show related search terms when a user makes a search query on your site. Learn more about related search for search pages.
  • Related search for content: lets you show relevant search terms on your content pages to drive more traffic to the search results pages of your site. Learn more about related search for content.

Sign up for AdSense for Search

If you think that your site may be a good fit for one or more of the features above, reach out to your account manager to sign up. We'll review your site and let you know when you can start using AdSense for Search.

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