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EU user consent policy

Set up a GDPR consent message for your site

To help you comply with Google’s EU User Consent Policy, we've integrated a GDPR consent messaging tool into AdSense. You can use this messaging tool to display a GDPR consent message on your site that allows your users to choose to see personalized ads and give consent for cookies on your site. The messaging tool uses Google's Funding Choices, which is compliant with the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0. Funding Choices operates this Consent Management Platform with identification number 300.

How it works

The first time you turn on the consent message in AdSense, we'll automatically create a Funding Choices account for you. This lets you use the AdSense code that's already on your site to show your consent message. You don't need to add any extra code.

The consent message you create in AdSense lists the ad technology providers your site uses, and asks visitors to consent to the use of cookies and to allow you to use those providers in order to show personalized ads. After the user makes their choice, the consent message automatically communicates their consent status to Google ad tags using the IAB GDPR framework. Learn more about how EU user consent messages work in Funding Choices.

Your consent message also includes a link that allows users to change their privacy and cookie settings after they've made a choice on your site. The link has accompanying text that states that you comply with the IAB TCF v2.0 policies.

Note: Your consent message will override the ad serving option on your "EU user consent" page. For example, if you've already selected the "Non-personalized ads" setting, then your site will still show personalized ads if the user consents.

Before you start

  • Make sure your site has a privacy policy. Your consent message must include a link to your site's privacy policy.
  • Make sure you've placed the AdSense code on your site.
Note: It’s your responsibility to make sure your consent message meets legal requirements and that you comply with the IAB TCF v2.0 policies.


  • The consent message doesn't support Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
  • To provide a good experience for your visitors, the consent message won't appear on your privacy policy page. This means that if you monetize your privacy policy, AdSense will only show non-personalized ads on that page.


  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Ads.
  3. In the table of all your sites, click Edit Edit next to your site.

    Your site opens in the ad settings preview.

  4. Click More features.
  5. Turn on GDPR consent message.
  6. Enter your site's privacy policy URL.
  7. Click Confirm.

    We automatically create a Funding Choices account for you.

  8. (Optional) Click Preview Show consent message to see how your consent message will appear on your site.
    Tip: You can click the buttons in the preview to explore your consent message.
  9. Choose a consent option:
    • Consent or manage options
    • Consent, do not consent, or manage options
      Tip: Choose the first option if you want to offer users the choice between ‘consent’ and ‘manage options’. Choose the second option if you want to offer users an additional 'do not consent' choice. Make sure the option you choose meets your legal requirements.
  10. Click Apply to site.

    Your consent message will appear to your site's visitors within a few minutes.

If you want to customize your consent message

We recommend you use the default wording that Google provides in the consent message in AdSense. However, if you have specific requirements you can customize the consent message in your Funding Choices account.

Note: Make sure you turn on the GDPR consent message option in AdSense before you go to Funding Choices.

When you sign in to Funding Choices, it either opens to the message editor (if you have one site) or the "Sites" page (if you have more than one site). You can then follow these steps to edit your consent message.

Note: Most of the consent message is editable. However, it contains some uneditable text. You can't choose which language the uneditable text is displayed in. AdSense will automatically detect your site's language and apply it to this text for you. If AdSense detects the wrong language for your site, you can request a different language via this form.

If you want to change the list of ad technology providers in your consent message

Your consent message uses Google's list of commonly used ad technology providers. However, you can customize the list of technology providers that you display in your consent message.

Note: Make sure you select "Personalized ads" as the ad serving option on your "EU user consent" page. If you select "Non-personalized ads" and you turn on your user consent message, your consent message will override your non-personalized ad setting and use the list of commonly used ad technology providers when users consent.

To edit your list of ad technology providers:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Blocking controls and then Content and then All sites and then EU user consent.
  3. Under "Select ad technology providers", select Custom set of ad technology providers.
  4. Click Select providers.
  5. Select your preferred ad technology providers.
  6. Click Done.
  7. Click Save changes. Your consent message is automatically updated with your new list of ad technology providers. To see these changes in the preview of your consent message, click Refresh Refresh.
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