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Your site is inactive

If your site hasn't shown any ads for at least four months, then it is considered inactive. When this happens, you'll see an alert in your account, and you'll have one month to start showing ads again. If your site remains inactive for over five months then it will need to be reviewed again. You can see your inactive site listed on your Sites page.

Note: Before you request a review, make sure you’ve placed the AdSense code on your site and that it complies with the AdSense Program policies.

How to request a review for an inactive site

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Sites.
  3. Click the Down arrow Down Arrow next to your inactive site.
  4. Click Show details.
  5. Confirm you've placed the AdSense code on your site. Learn more about pasting ad code in our code implementation guide.
  6. Click Request review.

    We'll check that your site is ready to show ads.

Tip: Make sure you place the code on every page you want to ads to appear. After our checks are complete, your site will be ready to show ads again. Learn how to set up ads on your site.
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