How can I improve my AdSense for search performance?

Boost your AdSense for search performance by following our optimization suggestions:

  • Smart search box placement: Search boxes should be easy to find, typically under the header or on the left navigation bar, to encourage users just search for what they seek rather than spending time browsing the content. Try to keep your search box in your site's template in the same place on every page so users know where to return for future searches.
  • Two search boxes per page: For pages with a lot of content, we recommend placing two search boxes on each page: one at the top of the page to help users find what they're looking for right away, and one at the bottom of the page so they can quickly search for something else after reading the content on the page. You can track the performance of each by creating a custom channel.
  • Search results in your site: By choosing to host the search results on your site, you can integrate search results and ads within your site, so users don't leave your site when they perform a search. If users don't find what they're looking for in the search results, they can easily click to another section of your site through your site's template.
  • Search box on search results page: When you integrate search results in your site, remember to place another search box on your search results page in the case that a user wants to perform another search.
  • Ad locations: For better monetization, we recommend choosing to place ads at the top and right of the search results for added visibility.
  • Customizing the look and feel: Customize the search results with your site's colors to match the look and feel.
  • Google logos: You have the option of displaying a watermark-style Google logo within the search bar, if you choose to not have the Google logo below or to the right of the search box. While this allows you to fit the search box more easily within your site, it may reduce the number of total queries, so we encourage you to test and find out which logo works best for their site.

      Not sure where to place the search box on your site? Watch the video below to learn how to optimize your search box placement.

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