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Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about native In-article ads:

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How many In-article ads can I place on my page?
As long as your ads don't exceed your content, you can place as many In-article ads (and/or other types of ad) on your page as you want. Learn more about our valuable inventory policy. However, if you're placing more than one In-article ad on your page, make sure you allow sufficient content between ads to minimize disruption to your readers.
How does AdSense calculate the width of my In-article ad?
The width of an In-article ad is always equal to the width of the parent container (<div>, <iframe>, etc.) it's inside.
How does AdSense determine the height of my In-article ad?
The height of an In-article ad is automatically adjusted by AdSense to ensure that all of the ad's elements fit well in the available space.
Are there any size restrictions for In-article ads?
There is one size restriction: the width of your In-article ad must be at least 250 pixels.
Why do display ads sometimes appear instead of In-article ads?
You can choose to also show display ads inside your In-article ad units. Showing both types of ads can help to increase your revenue. You can turn this option off in the "Global options" of your In-article ad settings.
Can I review In-article ads in the Ad review center?
Yes. However, because In-article ads are native ads they will appear with standard rendering in the Ad review center and not exactly as they appear on your site.
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