Az EU-beli felhasználók hozzájárulására vonatkozó irányelvek

Publisher EU user consent journeys

Publishers may choose several different paths to obtaining consent from their EEA users to comply with Google’s updated EU Consent policy, and can still work with Google publisher products.

1. Publisher builds their own consent solution

  1. Go into AdSense and choose your Ad Technology Providers (ATPs)
  2. Use GPT API to pause ads loading on page load (disableInitialLoad())
  3. Trigger consent tool, ask for consent for Google and selected ATPs
    • User consents to Personalized Ads - resume ads loading (refresh())
    • User consents to Non-Personalized Ads - load NPA ads (setRequestNonPersonalizedAds(1) + refresh())
    • User does not consent to Google - do not make an ad call to Google

More details can be found in the Ads Personalization Settings in Google’s publisher ad tags help page.

2. Publisher uses IAB Framework

We have not yet integrated with the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF). We have been working with IAB Europe over the last several months to explore how our products and policies can support the TCF, but our technical integration is not complete.

Until Google’s IAB integration is complete, Google will return personalized ads for the Ad Technology Providers selected in the publisher ATP controls. Publishers will continue to have the option to include the non-personalized ad signal in their ad request or choose to serve only non-personalized ads to all users in the EEA in the AdSense UI. Also note that the IAB TCF technical specifications support web; the specifications for mobile app are not finalized.

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