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Mobile ads are not appearing

There are a couple of reasons why ads might not be showing on your mobile webpage:

  • Our crawlers haven't had a chance to visit your page and determine its content. The first time that you add the AdSense code to your site, it will typically take up to 48 hours for our crawlers to reach it and provide targeted ads. Until this happens, we can't provide relevant ads and may not display ads at all.
  • You are viewing the ads through an unsupported browser. Keep in mind, you must use a mobile device to view ads.
  • Based on our crawler's assessment of your page, we do not currently have ads available for your content. When no relevant ads are available, no ads will be displayed.
  • The mobile ad code was not implemented correctly. The code on your mobile web page must be copied and pasted exactly as it appears in your account.
  • Your page is written in XHTML and you're showing ads on high-end devices. Strict XHTML doesn't support Google ads on high-end devices. However, if your page is written in transitional XHTML and you're using the mobile ad code for high-end devices only, there is a workaround.
  • View workaround

    To allow your Transitional XHTML mobile pages to get ads, you'll need to add an additional line to the ad code you pasted on your page.

    <div id="google_afmc"></div>

    You can tell if your page is Transitional XHTML if the page source has a line at the top that declares the doctype to be Transitional XHTML, such as one of these:

    • <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
    • <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">

    Remember, our program policies only permit you to display one mobile ad unit per page. This workaround will only function for a single ad unit on any mobile webpage.

  • Your site may be in violation of our program policies. If we find that your site is violating our policies, we'll contact you and ask you to make changes; we may also disable ad serving to your site. Please check the email inbox you use for AdSense, including your spam messages, to ensure you haven't missed a message from us.

If you've checked the issues above, and your ads still aren't showing, please generate new AdSense code and replace the code on your mobile webpage. We continually make routine improvements to our AdSense code, so it's helpful to make sure the code on your pages is up-to-date if your ads aren't showing up.

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