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Ad code implementation

How to use QuickStart

QuickStart uses the same code that you put on your site when you connected your site to AdSense to show ads. We call this type of code "page-level ad code". One big advantage of page-level ad code is that once you put it on your page, you only need to flick a switch in AdSense and ads will start to appear automatically.

After you've placed the code in the <head> tag on every page you want to show ads, follow these steps to switch on QuickStart:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Get started on your AdSense homepage.

    The "Page-level ads" page opens.

  3. In the "Page-level ads" section, either switch on:
    • Turn on all formats (recommended)

      or switch on:

    • QuickStart ads and optionally Anchor/overlay ads and/or Vignette ads. Learn more about these page-level ad formats.
    If you haven't already, make sure you place the page-level ad code on the pages where you want to show ads.

    AdSense will automatically start showing ads on your page within about an hour.

Have you verified your site?

Note that QuickStart ads only work with your verified sites. Learn how to verify your sites.

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