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How new Google Account features and settings affect publishers

Google is inviting people with a Google Account to review new settings that give them more control over the data Google collects about their web and app activity.

It's important for publishers with a site or app that employs one or more Google publisher services to understand what's changing. Going forward, people may choose to add their activity on Google partner sites or apps to their Google Account. They may choose to enable or disable this option, or opt out of personalized ads, at any time.

Building a better user experience

This change creates a better experience for people using Google services and our partner websites and apps by giving people more control over the data Google collects. It also means that advertisers will be able to offer people more relevant ads, helping you earn more over time as Google ads become more valuable for everyone.

What this means for publishers

Learn more about your options and how this change affects you:


If a person chooses to turn on the new Google Account features, then data from their web browsing or app activity will be associated with their Google Account and used to serve them more relevant personalized ads (formerly known as interest-based ads).

You may want to review your site's privacy policy (and cookie consent notice if you have one) to ensure that your information about data collection and sharing is accurate. If you don't want to show personalized ads on your site, you can follow these instructions to opt out.

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