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If you're looking to monetize a mobile site designed for users of iPhone, Android, or other high-end devices with browsers capable of executing Javascript, simply use any standard AdSense for content ad unit that fits your mobile-optimized site.

AdSense for mobile allows publishers to generate earnings from their mobile webpages using targeted Google ads. With AdSense for mobile, Google matches ads to the content of your mobile website and you earn money whenever your mobile website's visitors click on your ads.

AdSense for mobile is a good match for you if:

  • You have a mobile website that supports older, feature phones that use WAP and i-mode to access the Internet.
    View more information about WAP and i-mode phones
    Older Internet-capable mobile devices (known as feature phones) use the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and can only access some of the Internet. Websites that support such devices are usually written in a markup language such as Wireless Markup Language (WML) or Strict Extensible HTML (Strict XHTML). In certain regions of the world, devices use i-mode to access websites that are written in Compact HTML (CHTML).
  • You've not yet implemented a high-end mobile-optimized site but still want to return JavaScript ads to high-end mobile users viewing your site. We do recommend though that you create separate sites for users of high-end mobile devices and for older WAP and i-mode phones.
    View more information about high-end phones
    With the development of phones like iPhones and Android phones, more and more mobile browsers can now interpret JavaScript and HTML. Devices with these browsers can access almost all of the desktop Internet, (with some limitations by device size, carrier availability, and so on) and are called high-end phones.

AdSense for mobile is geared toward websites designed with older, feature phones in mind. If you designed your site using mobile specific markup languages and need a server-side ad code, then you should use this product.

How about if someone views your site with AdSense for mobile code while using an iPhone? AdSense for mobile ad code is smart -- it will automatically detect the type of phone viewing your site and deliver ads that match, whether that phone is a feature phone or a high-end device. So if someone views your site while using an iPhone, we'll deliver ads specifically designed for their phone.

If you're already an AdSense publisher and want to get started with ads on your mobile site, learn how to get the mobile code. If you're not a publisher yet, sign up.

The use of AdSense for mobile in a mobile application is a violation of AdSense policies. A mobile application constitutes any downloadable application, even if a WebView is used to display the ad. Any AdSense for mobile ad units found in mobile applications will be disabled. If you’re looking for an advertising solution for your mobile application, please sign up for AdMob, Google’s leading mobile advertising display product.

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