AdSense for video (AFV)

HTML5 video advertising guidelines

AdSense, Ad Exchange and Google Ad Manager all provide support for HTML5 video advertising. These guidelines provide a number of resources to support HTML5 video monetisation.

Video player options

Use a third-party HTML5 video player that supports the Google IMA3 HTML5 SDK

Many third-party video players are already compatible with HTML5 and support video ads delivered by Google Ad Manager, Ad Exchange Video and AdSense for Video. If you already work with a video player from one of our video technology partners, contact their support team to ensure that you're configured for HTML5.

Use Video.js with Google IMA3 HTML5 SDK plugin

You can use Video.js, an open-source HTML5 video player, and the IMA SDK plugin to monetise with video ads delivered by Google Ad Manager, Ad Exchange Video and AdSense for Video.

Use a VAST and VPAID 2 JS-compliant video player

If you have a HTML5 video player that is VAST and VPAID 2 JS-compliant, you can continue to use Ad Exchange Video and AdSense for Video ads, using the IMA Adapter tag and appending the &type=js parameter (refer to the sample test tag).

Use a custom-built video player

If you've built your HTML5 video player from scratch, you need to integrate the IMA3 HTML5 SDK to continue monetising with Google video ads. Downloadable sample code is available to help you get started.

Creative trafficking

Ad Manager creative hosting and transcoding

Video creative assets that are uploaded to Ad Manager are automatically transcoded and hosted in HTML5 compatible formats including MPEG4 and WebM.

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