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About the Ad sessions report

The Ad sessions report lets you track the revenue generated from your users' sessions. You can use this report to see how visitors interact with your site and how you earn revenue from their interactions. Learn how a session is defined in AdSense.

To access the Ad sessions report:

  • Visit your Reports page, then, in the sidebar under "All reports", click Ad sessions.

Metrics in the Ad sessions metric family

The Ad sessions report uses the metrics from the "Ad sessions" metric family, which include the following:

Metric Description
Ad sessions The total number of ad sessions. An ad session is counted whenever a user visits your site and views one or more pages with ads within a certain period of time.
Ad session duration

The average ad session duration in seconds.

Average ad session duration = total duration of all ad sessions (in seconds) / number of ad sessions

Ad sessions measurable

The percentage of your traffic for which AdSense was able to measure ad sessions.

Note that AdSense might not be able to measure 100% of the ad sessions on your site, for example, if a user has changed their cookie settings.

Ad session RPM The average earnings per 1000 ad sessions.
Impressions per ad session The average number of ad impressions per ad session. Note that there are typically multiple ad impressions per page load.
Page views per session The average number of page views per session.
Note that there's a 24 hour delay in processing session metrics. If your report's date range includes today, then the report-level session metrics (Ad sessions, Ad sessions measurable, etc.) won't yet include the full data set. However, the individual rows within your report (e.g., yesterday, last week, etc.) will be correct.

Historical data

Note that you can't view session data from dates prior to the deployment of the Ad sessions report.
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