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We've put together the following FAQs to answer commonly asked questions about AdSense for games.

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What ad formats are available with AdSense for games?

The following ad formats are available with the AdSense for games product:

  • Video
    • Standard Instream: Non-skippable video ads
    • TrueView: Skippable video ads
    • Bumper: Six second video ads
  • Fullslot
    • Skippable image and text ads

For more detailed descriptions and examples please visit the AdSense for games introductory pages.

What is a fullslot ad and and how can I request it?

A fullslot ad is a skippable AdSense image or text ad that usually appears before, in-between, or after content.

In the IMA HTML5 SDK integration, the following parameters must be set:

  1. Set forceNonLinearFullSlot to true: adsRequest.forceNonLinearFullSlot = true;
  2. Set nonLinearAdSlotWidth and nonLinearAdSlotHeight to the width and height of your game unit:
    • adsRequest.nonLinearAdSlotWidth = {your_game_width};
    • adsRequest.nonLinearAdSlotHeight = {your_game_height};

In the AdSense for games ad tag, ensure that image and/or text are included in the ad_type parameter. For example, ad_type=video_image would include video ads and skippable image fullslot ads.

What is is a video ad and how can I request it?

Video ads consist of a video creative that is played before, in the middle of, or at the end of the content. This allows you to distinguish between:

  • Pre-roll: a video ad placed before the content.
  • Mid-roll: a video ad placed in the middle of the content.
  • Post-roll: a video ad placed at the end of the content.

In the IMA HTML5 SDK integration, the following parameters must be set:

  • Set linearAdSlotWidth and linearAdSlotHeight to the width and height of your game unit:
    • adsRequest.linearAdSlotWidth = {your_game_width};
    • adsRequest.linearAdSlotHeight = {your_game_height};

In the AdSense for games ad tag, ensure that video ads are being requested in the ad_type parameter. For example, ad_type=standardvideo would request non-skippable Standard video ads. Further information is available in the tagging documentation.

Why are video ads not rendering on mobile or tablet devices?

On iOS and Android devices (including both mobile and tablet), playback of video must be initialized with a user action, meaning a tap or click of a link or “play game” button. If video ads are not rendering correctly on these devices, check to see whether you are calling the initialize method as a result of a user action. More detailed information is available in the IMA HTML5 SDK documentation.

What ad sizes does AdSense for games support?

AdSense for games supports the following ad sizes:

  • Video: variable sizes
  • Text fullslots: variable sizes
  • Image fullslots: 200x200, 250x250, 300x250, 336x280, 450x50, 468x60, 480x70, 728x90
My ads coverage seems poor, what could be the reason?

There could be two main reasons for this:

  • For traffic outside of the United States, the coverage for video ads might be very low. In this case you should backfill with different ad formats to optimize your account earnings.
  • The blocking options that you apply on your account can also impact your coverage. Bear in mind that any ads that you block won't compete in the auction on your site.
What are the requirements for becoming an AdSense for games publisher?

If you want to use AdSense for games, you'll need to have JavaScript technical proficiency and ensure that you adhere to AdSense policies. In addition to that:

  • You can only integrate AdSense for games on web-based HTML5 games.
  • Content has to be family safe and targeted to users age 13 and older.
  • You'll need to be able to trace back all embed destinations and have full control over where games are distributed.
  • You have to own legal rights to monetize games.
What are the AdSense for games policies?

AdSense for games publishers are required to adhere to the product’s specific policies and to the general AdSense program policies.

Can I play video ads without sound?

No. You can’t play video ads without sound because this would damage the message that the advertiser wishes to provide through the ad. Playing video ads without sound is against our program policies. Please check out AdSense for games specific policies for further details.

What languages does the IMA SDK support?

The IMA SDK supports any language that is supported by AdSense. However, video ads coverage is predominant in the United States, and publishers outside the U.S. might experience poor video ad coverage.

I don’t have access to the game’s source code, can I still implement AdSense for games?

Yes. As long as you have the rights to monetize the game and the ads are presented according to the AdSense for games specific policies. If the games you wish to monetize already contain advertising, then you need to liaise with the game developer directly rather than monetizing without the legal rights.

I want to embed video/games on partner websites or release public embed code. Is that allowed?

Yes, this practice is allowed. You can do so by creating an embed snippet that is compliant with the AdSense for games specific policies.

Note that you're responsible for your ad code wherever it appears, and for any advertiser damage that results from that placement, so be mindful about releasing your code "into the wild". Here are some best practices for you in this situation:

  • Whenever possible, provide JavaScript embed tags instead of HTML. You never know when you'll need to change your embed code.
  • Create channels for all trusted partners or "in the wild" embed snippets. Keep track of what foreign traffic looks like, and turn off ad serving if you're experiencing uncommon behaviors (for example much higher CTRs). There's no benefit to jeopardizing your entire account over monetizing an embed base.

Also bear in mind that you may not share your AdSense earnings with third parties.

I would love to implement AdSense for games, where do I start?

To implement AdSense for games, please follow the setup process guidelines.

How do I get my AdSense for games publisher ID?

To get your publisher ID, you need to successfully implement the IMA SDK and complete the process described in the setup process guidelines. Once you have your publisher ID, you can request live ads and start earning money.

What does a good description URL look like?

A good description URL would look something like the following:

<title>Game Attack |</title>
<h1>Game Attack</h1>
<p>Game Attack is a game where players must navigate through the maze in the least amount of time. There are multiple modes of play including relay mode, versus mode and time trial. Play against your friends!</p>
<p>ExampleGamesPublisher has been in business since 2010 providing high-quality online web games to users around the world! We provide free games as well as premium, subscription-only games for users who want to earn points to spend on cool digital prizes!</p>
<h2>Game Attack Game Tags</h2>
<p>Users use these tags to search for games on our website:</p>
<li>Puzzle Game</li>
Now I'm using my live publisher ID, I'm not getting any ads returned. Am I doing something wrong?

No, not necessarily. Let the system run for a couple of hours and ads should start showing up. You should also make sure that you've set the ad_test ad request parameter to "off". Please note that for traffic outside of the United States, the coverage for video ads might be lower, so we encourage publishers to opt-in to use image and text ads to maximize your account earnings.

Am I allowed to monetize videos or games that I don’t have access to?

Yes, provided that you have the rights to monetize this content.

Why am I not getting any ads returned when I use the test publisher ID?

It's possible that there is an issue with your IMA HTML5 SDK integration, or with your AdSense for games ad tag. Check your code against the technical quick start guide and make sure that there are no missing parameters or HTML attributes.

Do you have a VAST tag I can integrate with?

We typically require publishers to use video players or game launchers capable of Google IMA SDK integration. That said, if your ad setup is VAST and VPAID 2 JS compliant, you can try using our IMA Adapter.

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