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Use Google Analytics with AdSense

Why do my statistics differ between AdSense and Analytics?

If you see significant discrepancies between the reports in your AdSense account and those in the AdSense section of Analytics, then please keep in mind these important points:

  • AdSense reports in Analytics only track AdSense for content ad units, and do not include link units, search boxes, mobile ads, or any other AdSense products.
  • You must include Analytics code on every webpage running AdSense for content ad units.
Note: Even if your code is set up properly and your accounts are linked, statistics may still differ between AdSense and Analytics. There are a number of possible explanations:

Reasons why a page impression in AdSense may not line up to a pageview in Analytics

  • Separate JavaScript code: AdSense counts a page view when the AdSense ad code is executed by a user's browser. Similarly, Analytics counts a pageview only when the Google Analytics tracking code is executed by a user's browser. Because they are located in different parts of your page, it is possible that one of these JavaScript snippets will load and the other will not.

    For example, because we recommend placing the tracking code at the bottom of your HTML, in very rare cases a user will enter and then exit a page before the page completely loads and before the tracking code is executed. In this case, AdSense might count a page impression, but Analytics won't count the pageview. This would result in a higher page impression count in AdSense than pageview count in Analytics.
  • Iframes: AdSense use an iframe to serve ads. Browsers that don't support the <iframe> tag will not report an impression. This can result in Analytics counting more pageviews than AdSense counts impressions.
  • Security (blocking) software: Your AdSense impressions might also be decreased by personal firewall software or ad blocking software which can cause Google ads to not display on your site, or may obscure portions of the ad. Ad blocking features of your users' internet security software must be disabled in order to view Google ads.
  • First day: The first day after you link your AdSense and Analytics accounts will only have partial data available. AdSense data from before your accounts were linked cannot be shown in Analytics.
  • Time zone: If your Analytics timezone doesn't match your AdSense time zone, then they two sets of reports will be aggregating different time periods for the same displayed date.
  • Analytics views: Analytics allows you to create different views that can be used to filter data. If you are viewing a view that filters out some data, then the AdSense data meant to correspond to the filtered-out data will not be shown.

    Learn more about view filters.
  • 3rd party images: Some browsers give users the option to disable images that are requested from domains other than the current page. If visitors to your site have disabled such images, it will stop the data from being sent to Google Analytics, which in turn prevents the corresponding AdSense information from appearing in your Analytics reports.
  • Missing Analytics hit: Current reporting methods for Analytics only displays AdSense information for which a corresponding Analytics hit was found. If the Analytics hit is missing (because the tracking code didn't execute, or because third party images were disabled), then the AdSense information associated with that hit cannot be displayed in your Analytics reports.

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Things to keep in mind when comparing page impressions to pageviews

  • Frames: If the Analytics tracking code is present with a framed page as well as the framing page, Analytics will likely register two pageviews for that visit. This can result in inflated pageviews in Analytics. For more information, please read framed sites.
  • _trackPageview function: If you're using the _trackPageview function, your pageviews may be slightly inflated within Google Analytics. _trackPageview works by creating virtual pageviews for specific events such as PDF downloads that won't be tracked in your AdSense account.

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