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Multi-screen success stories

AdSense publishers share their stories about why and how they’ve gone multi-screen. Here, you’ll find inspiring tips, and learn about the positive impact that going multi-screen had on these publishers.

Some of these case studies are only available in English. Please check again as we'll continue to update this page with more case studies.


As a leading French online-learning organisation, digiSchool regards mobile as its lever for growth. They are committed to transitioning all services and content to mobile as quickly as possible. By implementing responsive web design, they've already improved their mobile user experience and their users now spend 25% more time on the mobile site than before. Read more about digiSchool.

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Famous Birthdays

Going mobile early offered the opportunity to put some competitive distance between their site and larger, slower-moving industry players. Founder Evan Britton says, "The important thing to realise is that growth in the mobile market is all about offering a better experience." Read more about Famous Birthdays.

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The Japan Times

The Japan Times went multi-screen using responsive web design to provide the best user experiences across various devices on a single domain. Unique users increased by 50% and traffic coming from mobile devices went up by 79% after the change. Read more about The Japan Times.

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With more than 50% of traffic coming from mobile devices, Listverse decided to go multi-screen using WordPress. Listverse site took mobile-first strategies when designing the site structure which resulted in +50% daily unique visitors and +30% eCPM. Read more about Listverse

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Inspired by the single code solution of responsive web design, Zorpia built a multi-screen site in just a few weeks. Zorpia’s multi-screen strategies brought +64% RPM uplift and the shift in design principles to deliver a seamless experience across devices. Read more about Zorpia.

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If you have any questions that aren’t covered in these guides, or you want to learn more from other publishers, please visit our multi-screen section in the AdSense Help Forum.
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