Multi-screen guidelines

Find recommended multi-screen vendors

Below, you’ll find a list of recommended vendors that can help you optimise your sites for seamless functionality across all devices. We’ll add more vendors to the list over time.

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Boost revenue and engage readers with Marfeel’s ad-optimized mobile design. The attractive magazine-like reading experience is optimized for speed, SEO and user experience on smartphones and tablets. Marfeel boosts engagement as readers spend more time on the site, view more pages and share more often. Most importantly, publishers earn greater revenue. The best layout positioning and formats deliver the highest paying ads in real-time. Become a Marfeel partner to optimize, engage and earn.

For Google Publishers: Get 50% off for premium plans or 100% revenue split for free plans during the first 2 months.

Supported locations: Canada, Central Europe, Latin America, South Korea, United States


Note that recommended vendors are independent companies and not affiliated with Google in any way. Google assumes no liability for any vendor's actions.
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