Integrate the Google IMA3 SDK into your player

To get started, integrate the Google IMA SDK into your video player solution. Google offers the IMA HTML5 SDK for web, and Android/iOS IMA SDKs for native applications containing video content.

After integrating the IMA SDK, you can start testing our monetization product through an example IMA ad tag. Insert this example tag into your video player, and generate a sample page running video ads from the example tag. The sample page must contain a working ad implementation and your full website template (i.e., header, navigation, content, footer). If you have issues with implementation, please contact the IMA SDK forum.

Example IMA3 ad tag (testing only, as this tag will not generate any reporting for your account):

Once you have created a fully-functional sample page, please submit this approval form — AdSense for video: Publisher Approval Form.

After you submit the form, expect to hear back from us if you're approved, or if we have additional instructions or questions.

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