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Change the time zone of your reports

Changing your account time zone allows you to view your reports in a time zone that's more relevant to you. One of the benefits of changing your time zone is that your weekend reports are no longer skewed by traffic from Fridays or Mondays. Even after you’ve changed your time zone, you can still view your reports in the billing time zone, i.e., United States Pacific Time (PST), by switching time zone in the date range selector.

Some things to be aware of when changing your time zone:

  • Changing the time zone of your reports only affects data from the time you make the change, and is not applied retroactively. For example, let's say you change your time zone on April 3, and later run an account time zone report from April 1 to April 5. All of the data in your report from before the point when you changed your time zone on April 3 will be in PST, while the data after that point will be aggregated in your selected account time zone.
  • When viewing reports in the account time zone that include the day that you changed your time zone, you might see a flat spot or a spike in your data caused by the time shift forwards or backwards, respectively. This does not affect your payments in any way, and any anomaly that you see will only appear in your reports. Note that you won't see any anomaly when viewing reports in the billing time zone (PST).
  • Your existing saved reports and scheduled reports will automatically be migrated to the new time zone. Going forward, any new saved or scheduled reports that you create will take on the time zone that’s being used to view the report at the time it’s saved.
  • The reports on your Home page will always be shown in your account time zone.
  • Your payments will not show a different time zone. Payments will always be calculated using PST.

To change your account time zone:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Account.
  3. In the “Account information” section, next to “Time zone,” click edit.
  4. Select your time zone from the drop-down list.
  5. Click Save.
    Now, when viewing your reports, you’ll see an option in the date range selector allowing you to switch between your account time zone and the AdSense billing time zone, i.e., PST/PDT.
Your AdSense reports will always reflect the local time in the time zone you've chosen for your account. Many countries make an annual adjustment to their official time to increase daylight hours during summer months. This is often called Summer Time or Daylight Savings Time. If the time zone you've set for your account shifts in this way, your AdSense account statistics will adjust automatically as well (as they do between PST and PDT for the AdSense billing time zone). Your account will also adjust when the time zone returns to normal time at the end of the summer. The days when this adjustment happens will typically be either 23 or 25 hours long, so you might see a small spike or dip in earnings.
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