Create a custom-sized ad unit

While responsive ad units allow you to change the size of the ad based on the size of the browser, with custom-sized ad units you can specify the width and height of the ad that you want to appear on your page.

To ensure that ads continue to deliver a positive user experience, we’ve put a few restrictions in place around the minimum and maximum pixels for ad sizes. Any custom sized ads that fall outside of the restrictions below won’t appear when placed on a page.

To create a custom-sized ad unit:

  1. Generate the ad code.
    To generate the ad code for a custom-sized ad unit:
    • Create an ad unit in the usual way, making sure to select “Custom size” from the Ad size drop-down and set the desired width and height for your ad unit in the process.
  2. Place the ad code on your site.
    Copy and paste the ad code into the HTML source code of your page where you'd like the ad to appear.

Tracking the performance of custom-sized ads

You can track the performance of your custom-sized ad units by viewing the Ad sizes report on your Reports page.

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