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Troubleshooting Rapida payments issues

We continue to experience significant payment disruption in Russia. In light of this, we are currently unable to make payments to our partners who use the Rapida e-wallet in Russia. If you currently use the Rapida e-wallet to receive payouts from Google, we highly recommend you choose a different form of payment immediately to receive your payouts. Learn more about how to add a new form of payment. For more details, see: Partners using Rapida are requested to add an alternative payment method immediately.

You should receive payments made via the Rapida Online system in your chosen form of payment within 5-10 working days of them being sent, in accordance with the standard schedule. If the Payments section of your AdSense account shows a message indicating that a payment has been sent, but the money has not appeared in the form of payment chosen by you in your Rapida Online within 10 days, then you should check whether:

The payment has been returned to your AdSense account.

If this happens, your payments will be put on hold.

Possible reasons why your payment was returned include:

  • You haven't completed the Rapida Online identification procedure for your Rapida Online account, which requires you to confirm your passport details.
  • The first name and last name in the Rapida account do not match the first name and last name in the AdSense account.
  • Your AdSense account and your Rapida Online account are not registered in the same name.
  • Your telephone number or Rapida Template ID has not been added correctly.

    Check whether the information you added was in the correct format:

    • The Rapida Template ID should be 4-9 digits. You can find this directly in the expanded Rapida form, in the "Unique number" field.
    • The telephone number in which the Rapida account is registered should be 10 digits, do not add "+" or the country code.

If you have carried out all the above points, but the payment has still been declined, please contact a Rapida representative to clarify the reason for the payment being declined.

To receive your next payment, make sure that you've carried out all of the above points and also contacted us via the contact form to remove the hold on your payments before the 15th of the next month. You can find the contact form in the “Payment hold” notification in your account. If you make the changes after the 15th of the month, the payment will be made to you the following month.

The payment has not been returned to your AdSense account.

After approximately 10 working days from the 27th of the current month (depending on your chosen payment method), your payment should be delivered in your chosen form of payment in Rapida.

If your payment has not arrived in your chosen form of payment in Rapida, the funds will be added to your Rapida electronic wallet.

Date of payment in Rapida Online account differs from AdSense account
There can sometimes be delays due to file processing. Rest assured that the date which appears in your Rapida Online account is the date that payment was made to you. Once all files have been processed and confirmed, the date shown in your AdSense account will be updated. Note that this date can be 2-10 days different to the date in your Rapida Online account.

If a payment has been sent, but you've not received it and it has not been returned, either to your AdSense account or to your Rapida Online account, then you should contact the Rapida support service.

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