AdSense Direct

About the AdSense Direct feature

AdSense Direct is a new way for you, as a publisher, to sell your ad inventory. You can now sell a specific ad unit on any of your sites, to an advertiser who you already have direct contact with, on a cost-per-day basis for 100% of your impressions. AdSense Direct gives you a quick and simple way of setting up a campaign for an advertiser.

Here's what you need to get started:

  • an advertiser -- this can be any advertiser, regardless of whether or not they’re using AdWords.
  • an agreement with the advertiser on the terms of the deal, i.e., the dates, price, etc.
  • an active ad unit on the site where you want to run the ad.
Note that AdSense Direct is currently only available to publishers and advertisers located in the U.S.

Key features of AdSense Direct include:

  • Easy workflow - create and manage campaigns from the My ads tab in your account
  • No change required to the ad code on your website
  • Earnings paid out as part of your regular AdSense payments
  • Simple contracting - no need for a separate contract, both you and the advertiser contract with Google.
  • Built in invoicing and billing through Google Wallet
  • Google ad review to ensure that your visitors stay safe from malware.

Frequently asked questions

How does the AdSense Direct feature work in conjunction with the regular AdSense program?

When you create an AdSense Direct campaign for one of your ad units and an advertiser then buys your campaign, regular AdSense ads are shown on the ad unit until midnight (in your account time zone) on the beginning of the day that your AdSense Direct campaign starts. As soon as your AdSense Direct campaign starts, that ad is served to all visitors who view the ad unit, until midnight at the end of the last day of your campaign. When your campaign has finished, regular AdSense ads are shown again; so there's never any interruption to ad serving.

How much does Google charge for an AdSense Direct campaign?

You receive 85% of the price of the campaign. Google’s revenue share is 15%.

Does the ad unit in an AdSense Direct campaign count as an additional ad unit on top of the existing limit of three AdSense for content ad units per page?

No. When you use the AdSense Direct feature you’re still subject to the same limit of three AdSense for content ad units per page as stated in our ad placement policies. The ad unit that you select to display the ad in your AdSense Direct campaign is counted as one of your three ad units.

Are there any ad units that can’t be used in AdSense Direct campaigns?

Yes. Currently, the following ad units are not eligible for use in AdSense Direct campaigns:
  • Idle ad units
  • Hidden ad units
  • Responsive ad units
  • Ad units that are already being used in experiments
  • Ad units that are already being used in another AdSense Direct campaign.

How many AdSense Direct campaigns can I have running at once?

You can have as many AdSense Direct campaigns running simultaneously as you like, but each ad unit in your account can only have one campaign running on it for every site that it’s used on. For example, let’s say you have two ad units, “728x90” and “300x600”, and you’ve placed “728x90” on your main site and “300x600” on your main site plus a second site. You can have a maximum of three campaigns running at the same time, two campaigns on your main site and one campaign on the second site.

Note that you can queue up multiple campaigns to run one after the other on the same ad unit / site. To check the availability of an ad unit, use the date picker when you create a new campaign.

What kind of ads are supported, and what are the policies around them?

Currently, AdSense Direct only supports display ads, including animated GIFs, but we’re working to include more formats. For policy information on these ads, see the advertising policies.

Does an AdSense Direct campaign have to serve a minimum number of impressions? Or is there a maximum number of impressions that can be served during an AdSense Direct campaign?

No. There’s no limit (minimum or maximum) on the number of impressions that can be served during an AdSense Direct campaign. An AdSense Direct campaign is a reservation for the whole day and the same ad will always show in the ad unit you’ve selected for the duration of the campaign.

The advertiser and I are in different time zones. Which time zone will be used to calculate the exact start time and finish time for our campaign?

When you create an AdSense Direct campaign, the start and end dates that you select in the calendar use the account time zone of your AdSense account. So, your campaign will run from midnight (in your account time zone) on the first day of the campaign, through to midnight (in your account time zone) on the last day of the campaign.
You can change your account time zone, however, we recommend that you read our list of things to be aware of when changing your time zone before doing, as changing your account time zone also affects your performance reports. Note that once you've created an AdSense Direct campaign, you can't change its time zone.

If I negotiate a long term contract with an advertiser, what role does Google play, and what fee do I pay to Google?

Google's role remains the same as for a short campaign: we are in contract with both you and the advertiser. We ensure that the campaign gets delivered, and that we take monthly payments from the advertiser and pay you. Google takes a 15% share of the price of the campaign.

When will AdSense Direct be available in my country?

AdSense Direct is currently available to publishers and advertisers located in the U.S., and we hope to expand further in the coming months.