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About your scorecard

The scorecard on the Home tab of your account provides you with a summary of how well your ad settings, webpages and content are performing compared to those of other AdSense publishers.


Your scorecard is organized into different categories (revenue optimization, site health, etc.) and for each you receive a score of one to five blue dots. Each score indicates your ranking relative to other publishers in that particular category. A lower score in a category means that you have potential areas for improvement. To find out what’s causing a lower score, expand a category by clicking its right arrow, then check the status of the items within that category.


Categories in your scorecard are made up of one or more items. For example, if you expand the “Revenue optimization” category, you’ll see that it contains the “Recommended ad formats” item. Each item receives one of the following scores:

Score Description
Excellent. You don’t need to make any changes to this item.
Improvements suggested. You could make some further improvements to this item.
Needs improvement. We recommend that you take action to fix this item.

We encourage you to address any items that you see with a red or yellow exclamation mark, as fixing them may help to increase your traffic and/or revenue. For help with fixing an item, expand the item by clicking its right arrow and you’ll see an item description and a link to either fix the issue or learn more about it.

Scores are computed daily, but it might be several days before the effect of a change you’ve made is reflected in your score. Learn how we calculate the scores in your scorecard.
If you have further questions about the scorecard, see the Scorecard FAQs.
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