Performance reports

Performance reports has a new look

The Performance reports tab has been redesigned to give you a better overall user experience. We've added new features and made our existing features easier to use.

What's changed?

  • Your reports are now organized into the following groups in the left-hand panel: “Common reports,” “Quick reports,” and “Saved reports.”

  • You can now access Quick reports in their own panel instead of having to navigate through the “Saved reports” panel.

  • We’ve removed the x next to reports in the "Saved reports" panel to prevent them from being accidentally deleted. You can still delete saved reports in the “Saved reports manager” as before.

  • We’ve added a filter to the “Saved reports” panel to help you find the reports you’re looking for.

  • We’ve enhanced the date range selector to let you know whether you’re looking at a fixed date range (e.g., 7th Jan 2012 - 12th Jan 2012) or a relative date range (e.g., Last 7 days).

  • We’ve removed the list of metrics to the right of graph and replaced it with an interactive scorecard across the top of the graph. Each metric now has its own color-coded tab in the scorecard and when you click a tab, the graph updates to display that metric. Learn more about metrics.

  • We’ve added new graph types such as the bar chart and pie chart, so you can view your data in the way that makes it easiest to interpret. You can switch between graph types using the new buttons.
    • The Countries report has been updated to show data in the form of an interactive world map.
    • For the new timeline graph, you can now switch between viewing activity by days, weeks or months using the new Day, Week and Month buttons. The Month button is particularly useful for reducing noise when you’re viewing reports with a long time line, such as an “All time” report.
    • To get more detailed information about specific dimensions over a specified time period, you can easily access the timeline graph with a single click from the world map, bar chart and pie chart.
  • You can now see a Countries report when viewing the following reporting dimensions: URL channel, custom channel and ad unit.

  • We’ve added a new report: the Owned sites report displays data for the domains and subdomains that are listed in your Owned sites list and, unlike the Sites report, this new report can be combined with the countries dimension.

  • Previously, your performance reports were only available in United States Pacific Time (PST). You can now change the time zone of your reports. Learn more