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Pie chart

Pie chart is a graphic representation of quantitative information by means of a circle divided into sectors, in which the relative sizes of the sectors correspond to the proportions of the quantities. Essentially, this chart shows the percentile relationship between parts as compared to the whole.

Pie chart

Each segment is representative of the top values of the report dimension you’ve decided to run. Smaller values are grouped into 'Other' segment. The pie chart adjusts to display the necessary segments to match the way the data is divided.

Rollover effect

If you mouse over a specific segment of the circle or pie, a statistical bubble appears with information about the metric you have chosen and the dimension of the report.

Let’s say you have chosen to run the ‘Ad types’ report. When you mouse-over a segment of the circle or pie, the bubble displays the ‘type of ad’ plus the percentage that ‘ad type’ represents compared to the whole (all ad types) for the chosen metric (e.g., Clicks).

The color legend to the right of the pie chart identifies the segment on which the pie chart is reporting. If a dimension in the legend is hovered, the pie chart glows for that dimension, making it easier to identify.

In addition, to get a deep-dive view of how a certain dimension is performing over a particular time period, click on any segment of the pie chart. The timeline graph for the dimension you selected will load.

Let's say you decide you want detailed information on how Flash ad types are performing for a fixed date range. From the pie chart, you would click on Flash (use the rollover effect to identify the specific dimension). In this example, the Ad types > Flash timeline graph will appear.
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