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World map

The world map is used when you are defining geo locations for a selected metric in your reports.

World map

A world map provides a geographical view of metric activity per country--view the Countries report. This map is an interactive representation of the metric you have chosen to report. All levels of metric activity are shown and can be distinguished through the use of color. The color in the world map matches the color of the metric selected from the scorecard. The higher the value of the activity, the darker the shade of color. The lower the value of the activity, the lighter the shade of color.

Let’s say you have chosen to report on ‘estimated earnings’ (shown in green). The country with the highest estimated earnings for the selected date range is highlighted on the map; in this case, it is the United States with an estimated earnings value of $111.19.

Rollover effect

If you mouse over a country in the world map, the country is highlighted so you are aware that it is in view. A bubble appears with information for that specific country about the metric you have selected. In addition, when you mouse over the country of interest, an indicator is activated on the legend which is displayed in the bottom left corner. The indicator marks where your country’s statistics lies within the results of the entire world map.

Let’s say you mouse over China. The estimated earnings appears as $.05. The legend indicator displays the exact place the $.05 sits in relation to the highest value which in our example equals $111.19. If you notice, the shade of green is much lighter than the shade for the estimated earnings of the United States.

In addition, to get a deep-dive view of how a specific country is performing over a particular time period, click on a country of your choice. The timeline graph for the country you selected will load.

Let's say you decide you want detailed information on how the United States is performing for a fixed date range. From the world map, you would click on the United States (use the rollover effect to identify the countries). The Countries > United States timeline graph will appear.
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