The new look of the Allow & block ads tab

The Allow & block ads tab has been redesigned to give you more flexibility and greater control over the ads that appear on your sites. We've added new features and made our existing features easier to use.

What's changed?

  • New navigation: We’ve removed the Product drop-down and organized your products into one list in the left navigation.

  • New tabs: We’ve grouped the “Blocking options” and the “Ad Review Center” together and arranged them in tabs across the top of the page. The Ad Review Center tab is now labelled as “Ads (Ad Review Center)”.

  • Site-level blocking: For AdSense for content, you can now block advertiser URLs, general categories and sensitive categories on a site-by-site basis. This means that you can customize these blocking options to suit the requirements of each of the sites you manage. You’ll find your sites listed in the left navigation under “Content.” Learn more about site-level blocking.

  • Integrated site management: Site-level blocking is integrated with our new site management feature, so you can easily add new sites to your site list and set their blocking options. Learn more about site management.

  • Advanced settings: We've moved the advanced settings from the left navigation, and put them under a new "Ad serving" tab in the horizontal bar across the top of the page.

What hasn't changed?

  • Blocking options: You still have access to all of the existing options for reviewing and blocking ads: advertiser URLs, general ad categories, sensitive ad categories, ad networks, and the Ad Review Center.