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Support options AdSense offers

What support options does AdSense offer?

You can provide feedback to help improve AdSense support by visiting our Support suggestions page.
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Help Center

Our Help Center is a large inventory of AdSense-related knowledge and we encourage you to browse through the topics and search for answers to questions you may have. A great place to start learning about AdSense is Your guide to AdSense.

Help forum


Ask questions and communicate with Top Contributors and other publishers in our user-to-user community forum.
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If you have an issue, check out the Troubleshooting and issue resolution section of our Help Center, where you’ll find more than a dozen troubleshooters.
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Email support

We offer email support in several languages for our website publishers earning more than US$25 (or local equivalent) per week on a consistent basis. Note that publishers earning any YouTube revenue on their AdSense accounts are not eligible for email support via AdSense, and should visit the YouTube Help Center.

Eligible publishers will find a contact form by clicking the “Contact us” button on any page of our Help Center. Your email will be answered by one of our support specialists within two business days (sometimes longer during holidays).
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Google AdSense Certified Partners

The Google AdSense Certified Partner program is an accreditation for consultants and service providers who have built their own businesses around helping publishers succeed with AdSense. AdSense Certified Partners are carefully vetted and meet rigorous qualification standards. AdSense Certified Partners can assist with dedicated services ranging from setting up AdSense ad code on your pages to running ongoing optimization tests for you. Learn more

Account management

A very limited number of publishers may qualify for account management. Criteria for account management include, but aren't limited to: high site quality, high traffic levels, and compliance with our program policies, though we're not able to predict or guarantee eligibility based on these criteria alone. Most of our managed accounts are within the top 1% of AdSense earners, are among the largest 100 sites in their market, and include large brand names with content that generates highly competitive advertiser demand. Eligible publishers will be contacted by an AdSense representative with more information.

Other resources

We regularly host workshops and provide limited-time offers for publishers. You can find out about these opportunities via email, our Inside AdSense blog, or our Google+ page. Some of our most popular offerings include Learn with Google for Publishers workshops, customized performance optimizations, and webinars. Be sure to update your email preferences, ensure that your contact email address is up-to-date and add us to your Google+ circles so you don’t miss out.
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