Performance reports guide

Add dimensions to reports

Dimensions are categories by which you can break down, filter, and sort performance data. For example, date, ad unit, and country are examples of dimensions.

You can add multiple dimensions to your performance reports to further refine your statistics. For example, imagine you want to know how much revenue you’re earning from placement targeting broken out by text, image and other rich media ads. To see the data in this way, choose the Targeting types report in the sidebar and, in the table, click Placement. Then, in the "Add dimension" drop-down, pick Ad types. Be aware that not all combinations of dimensions are available in all reports and some dimensions are mutually incompatible.

The order of dimensions in the report depends on the order you add them; you have the flexibility to add, change or remove dimensions.

Add a dimension

  1. When you create a report (or edit one), click Add dimension.
  2. Choose a dimension. The selected dimension is added to the table, so you now see two dimensions. Unavailable dimensions appear grayed out in the interface.
  3. To add another dimension, click Add dimension and select again.

Change a dimension

Click the drop-down for the dimension you want to change and choose another. Changing a dimension will remove any dimensions to the right of it, as the dimensions build on one another.

Remove a dimension

Click the button next to the dimension you want to remove. Removing a dimension will delete any dimensions to the right of it, as the dimensions build on one another.