AdSense for mobile (AFM)

Ad code to use for mobile sites

The ad code you use depends on the type of mobile website you'd like to show ads on:

  • High-end devices
    If your site is intended to be accessed by high-end devices (like iPhones and Android phones), you can use AdSense for content to generate your ad code. AdSense for content ad code uses JavaScript to deliver text, image, and rich media ads to your users’ high-end devices.
    You'll be able to use this ad code for a variety of ad formats and on different platforms too, whether that’s the 320x50 mobile leaderboard (usually used for mobile sites) or the 160x600 wide skyscraper (usually used for desktop sites).
  • Feature phones
    If your site supports mobile devices such as feature phones that utilize WAP or i-mode, you'll need to use AdSense for mobile to generate your ad code. Devices like feature phones can't render JavaScript so you need to generate different ad code for them. Similarly, if your mobile website supports both WAP/i-mode phones and high-end devices, you'll need to use AdSense for mobile.
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