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Enable in-site ad overlays

In-site ad overlays appear over your ads when you view your site in Chrome. If available, each ad overlay displays information about the ad such as buyer and display URL, otherwise, only the ad unit name is shown. You can also click on an overlay to access the "Google Publisher Toolbar - Ad Details" window. The "Ad Details" window provides a more detailed view of an ad as well as controls to block unsuitable ads and report problems with ads.

When you initially sign in after downloading or upgrading the Toolbar, the "Sites authorized to show ad overlays" list is populated with the top sites associated with your account. You can access and edit this list at any time via the gear icon in the Toolbar.

Authorize your site in Settings

To permit ad overlays to display on your site:

  1. Click the Google Publisher Toolbar icon Google Publisher Toolbar icon that looks like a white line graph against a blue background. in the top right of your browser to load the account overview.
  2. From the account overview, click the Help and Options link.
  3. Go to the Settings section.
  4. Add the domain (or URL) of the sites you own and authorize to show in-site ad overlays. Enter one domain per line.
    The site must be one that you own, otherwise you won't see any ad overlays.
  5. Click Save. You can now browse your site to see the ad overlays you’ve enabled. If you do not see the ad overlays enabled on the specified URL, refresh the page to make sure the domain additions have taken effect.

To view more details about an ad, click on its overlay (highlights when hovered) and the “Google Publisher Toolbar - Ad Details” window loads.

Please be assured that if you click the ad overlays generated by the Toolbar, it does not generate any invalid clicks.
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