Ad code implementation

About ad unit statuses

The "Status" column on the Ad units page in your account shows information about the current state of each of your ad units. By default, this column only shows you the active ad units associated with your product e.g., ad units for content. To view idle ad units, click Advanced filters next to your list of ad units and check the Idle box.

Here's an explanation of what each ad unit status means:

  • Active: an ad unit that has received impressions in the last 7 days.
  • Idle: an ad unit that was created more than 7 days ago and has received no impressions within the last 7 days.
  • New: an ad unit that has been created within the last 7 days, regardless of whether impression are received or not.
  • Hidden: an ad unit you've selected to hide from your ad units list; this status is unrelated to whether the ad unit is active or idle.
If you are not sure why your ads are not shown, please check this troubleshooter for possible problems and steps to solve them.
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