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"Every ad that shows is a complement to my sites, and I'm getting high-quality traffic."

Darren Carter, M.D.


Entrepreneur Darren Carter, M.D. created a company in 2001 to sell software and other products for medical coding and billing processes, an increasingly important task for medical practices of all kinds. His company, Medical Coding.Net, is today a wholly owned subsidiary of Provistas, Inc., which provides Medicare compliance solutions to hospital and physician-practice clients. Medical Coding.Net receives a qualified professional audience of about 500 unique visitors each day.


"In my industry, people are out looking for a variety of services and products," says Dr. Carter. In order to grow his e-commerce business, his online marketing strategy now includes Google AdWords to drive traffic to Medical; Froogle, to increase visibility and gain customers for his specialty software; and AdSense (AdWords ads on content pages). He intends to leverage this combination of all three Google programmes in order to gain traffic, clicks and buyers.


"AdWords sends qualified leads my way," says Dr. Carter. "We get cost-effective visibility that is tied to very specialised keyword searches through our AdWords programme." For those visitors "who don't find what they need from the products on my site," he adds, "the AdSense programme, which enables Google ads on other sites, seems to offer them what they need." says Dr. Carter. He also notes that enabling these "unobtrusive" ads "took only a few minutes to put up. It was very easy to add the code." The ads now appear for nearly 100 percent of the site's pages.

While he was initially concerned that ads on his discussion forums would not be well-targeted due to the dynamic nature of those pages, Dr. Carter says he is "very pleasantly surprised at how well targeted they are. "Every ad that shows is a complement to my site," he says, "and I'm getting high quality traffic." He also takes advantage of ad blocking, noting that even in this highly specialised arena there are enough suitable ads after he blocks direct competitors.

Regarding Froogle, Dr. Carter says, "This free merchant programme is a great way to become visible for a specialised product category." He sends an XML feed for Froogle to upload whenever he has new pricing, sales promotions, or new products. "It's incredibly easy way for us to be branded in a big e-commerce channel, and we see customers who would not have found us otherwise."

For all of his efforts, Dr. Carter is seeing a healthy five-figure return on his advertising investment. He also reports that AdSense revenue more than offsets his AdWords expenditure: "In fact, we have reduced our overall ad budget," he says. What's more, he reports a consistent and healthy 3.6 percent clickthrough rate. Overall, Dr. Carter concludes that "All of Google advertising has had a very favorable impact on my business."

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